DVCS - the 'twtter' of VCS?

2008-04-06 @ 14:20#

this post from Bill de hÓra on the plus/minus of DVCS reminds me why i like hosting my code @ google code. it's clean. it's simple. it's Subversion.

i tried a bit of DVCS but, like bill, i was not so impressed. i agree that using this tool makes 'tiny revisions' very easy. and that can change the 'tenor' of the whole process (it's no longer a pain to update the repository). but i think that leads to a kind of 'twitter mentality.' i don't really want to see every little VCS 'utterance' from a user. i want a clear update that has all the related parts in one piece. sure you can do that w/ DVCS, but i think tools like Subversion lead to that in a more logical way.

anyway, i like Subversion for now.