MVC conditional coding is evil?

2008-04-09 @ 11:23#

saw this today and it reminded me of how early in the cycle Microsoft's MVC for ASP.NET really is. MVC for the web has been around a while (Rails anyone?). even MVC for .NET has been around (check out MonoRail). but Microsoft is just getting started with it. and, IMHO, it's not a good idea.

ASP.NET started with the notion of making web developement 'feel like' Windows development. a quick check of the built-in server-side controls shows how 'desktop-like' they are. and the whole "post-back" model smells of desktop paradigm. and, unfortunately, much of this same thinking is showing up in their MVC implementation. lots of links to existing ASPX/ASCX technologies. even talk of linking to their Ajax libraries (which also suffer from the same desktop thinking).

all in all, this means that ASP.NET MVC will continue to treat Web development like desktop development. and that means true Web developers will have to deal with work-arounds in order to write truly scalable distributed apps using ASP.NET.