twitter-fail on conneg

2008-04-25 @ 17:05#

it was good to see this post from subbu on the subject of content negotiation for HTTP. while the trouble with the twitter API *not* supporting conneg is a bummer, subbu gets it right in pointing out that the problem w/ conneg is not in the spec, but in the implementations.

i bared my soul on this a while back as i was working on the exyus web engine. i'm glad i bit the bullet and made media-type a "first-class" property of the engine. and i'm glad i decided to dump the .file-type cruft that has become the norm for URI.

IMHO, the only way to get conneg moving forward (for both machines and people) is to make sure we have lots of solid implementations (both server and client) out there that honor conneg properly. FWIW, i'm trying to do my part[grin]