XRX is like Exyus

2008-05-23 @ 09:32#

i've been working on my exyus web engine for close to a year now. it's working fine and needs some 'freshening up' (clean UI for user/security management and expanded caching services). i'm also always on the lookout for similar patterns and found one today that looks like it started just about the same time i began my work. it's called XRX for XForms/REST/XQuery.

XRX or XForms/REST/XQuery is a simple and elegant web application architecture using a declarative style of programming. XRX allows the developer to create rich-client web applications that perform complex functions without the need for middle-tire objects, relational databases or client-side JavaScript.

XRX relies on three standards:

  1. XForms on the client
  2. REST interfaces
  3. XQuery on the server

These three standards have been created by the w3c standards organization and represent their vision of the future of web application development.

interesting stuff. i decided early on to skip the XForms work. mostly because support for clients was still pretty weak and because i wanted to be sure to focus on the REST parts to make the server very powerful. i also decided to settle on XSLT/XPath/XPointer instead of XQuery. again, mostly due to the quality of tools i found when i started a year ago.