REST==speedboat, SOAP==freighter

2008-05-30 @ 10:06#

found an interesting aside in this post about Wf-XML:

An intersting question came up. How do you explain the difference between SOAP and REST in less than 30 seconds without using any technical terms? Let’s try this metaphor:

Toyota Camry: Great american favorite, inexpensive, easy to drive, low maintenance, last forever… You can pass it on to your kids.

Toyota Indy complete with Pit Crew Support – High technology, exciting, cool, expensive, needs that crew. Is this for your market?

well, i don't see it quite that way. as someone who was one of the early adopters of SOAP (1999) and now spending most all my time w/ REST, i've come to a slightly different metaphor:

REST==speed boat, SOAP==freighter

which one is faster? more agile?

which one is larger? most costly? slower? harder to steer? takes more staff to manage?