too many cool things to do

2008-05-31 @ 21:22#

wow - things really started hopping this week. and i've just got too many cool things to do!


i finally got notification that my application of Microsoft's SSDS beta was approved - sweet! i was able to do some basic data work using the REST interface in a matter of minutes. i see lots of possibilities - including adding SSDS support to my exyus web engine. should not take long at all.

Google App Engine Account

i finally started playing with my new GAE account this weekend. and that's cool, too! i already built the hokey guestbook example and had it hosted under my own domain without any trouble. i like the fact that Google hands out SDKs that include a development web server and all the stub services (data, user access, etc.). smart! but now i need to learn Python. it's been on my list. but now?


Finally, i discovered FriendFeed this week. i've been staying out of the whole micro-blogging world. mostly because i didn't see the point. also because i tried twitter last year, got annoyed at the lags and breakdowns and things haven't gotten better (see fail whale). but it looks like FriendFeed is doing it right! so i started up with that. and they have a *very cool* REST interface. so now i want to create a resource class for friend feed in exyus, too!


so much to do - so little time!