social-net noise: a good thing?

2008-06-06 @ 09:59#

i finally gave up and started playing with a number of social-net tools this week. i now have accounts on twitter, jaiku, pownce, plurk, and friendfeed. i'm still getting my 'sea legs' but it's starting to get interesting to me.

one of the things i see right off is that posting to one social-net does not always mean folks on other nets can see it. friendfeed does a pretty good job of aggregating, but most do not. and there there's the whole client story. all have a web client (cumbersome, but universal). most have at least one dedicated desktop client (might be flash, AIR, etc.). a few integrate with the XMPP IM world (no to MSN IM). fewer-still integrate well with SMS.

so what i see is the social-nets server-side thing is going well. the client-side is not.

happily most all have exposed an API (via GET/POST) that can be used to interact with their servers - that's cool. so what i think i need is 'one ring to rule them all.' a client that can talk to everyone. heck, i could post a single message and blast it to all my accounts.

but that's 'noise', right? is that bad etiquette?