venner is stablizing

2008-06-10 @ 14:34#

i was able to complete the first meaningful round of updates and tests for my Venner micro-blogging multi-client API this week. now, i can post to a single end-point and update multiple micro-message services at the same time. there's some tweaking to do to abstract some bits, but the guts are solid.

next i want to build a simple read tool that pulls streams from all the registered services and presents them as either a merged river, or separate timelines. the real expense will be the merge.

i plan on also using local caching to ease stress on both remote clients and the targeted services. i'll set up a GET schedule to pull data from the service and populate a local cache. then my app will query that cache for the content and use that to generate replies to the client. when the cache it empty/stale, my app will get the data from the remote service and populate the cache.

i also suspect i'll buffer the POSTs by using a separate thread or some other way to reduce wait-states for the local app.