venner reader in alpha mode

2008-06-11 @ 03:09#

i started building the reader portion of my venner service this evening. i have an initial service that can pull from multiple sources and present a single 'river' of info. right now the data is kept segregated based on source. but next i'll be integrating the feeds into asingle timeline (ala friendfeed, i guess).

i've also started by caching pattern for the service. each feed request is currently cached. and the resulting response to the caller (the 'river') is also cached. i need to implement support for etags and other cache checks on the service (to prevent banging on the remote feeds), too. once that's done, i should have a pretty solid service for reading the feeds.

next i can tweak the XSL transform that turns the river into displayable data. lots of options there. then it's on to integrating the post and read scripts. once they are all working, i can turn my attention to abstracting the user info (logins, prefs, etc.) to allow the service to track all that for mulitple users. then i need a solid login pattern...