more subversion exposure

2008-06-16 @ 13:08#

can't recall where i read it this past week (probably on some googlecode-related blog), but someone posted interesting content on the use of subversion as a way to constantly 'expose' your code for others to review. the point was projects that are constantly in the 'light-of-day' via tools like subversion have a better chance of success than those kept 'under wraps' either by not sharing the code at all or by using tools that make it possible to share projects to a small (private) group of developers.

it reminded me that i am not always good at declaring my projects via subversion. i often work on something locally, then (when i think it's worthy of other's views), i post it to a project via subversion. this is really the wrong approach. instead, i should start out declaring projects via subversion and working from there. get it out there!

for, in the future, i plan on doing more subversion posting. i may be adding flotsam to the stream, but at least i'll be adding, eh?