exyus: no updates?

2008-08-16 @ 17:11#

i recently got a question on why i've not rev'd the exyus codebase in months. good question.

first, i started to slow on changes to the codebase this spring. i'd reach most of my initial goals of building a REST-y library for IIS w/ C# and began focusing on exercising the details. that allowed me to flush out weak spots, find holes in the implementation, etc. and besides, i was kinda tierd of writn C# and more interested in building web apps[g].

along the way, i got side-tracked by SSDS. SSDS is MSFT's implmentation of database services 'in the cloud.' in this case, they support basic data read/write via SOAP and a REST interface. i've only worked with the REST interface and it's pretty solid. so, over the last two months i've been putting out demo apps and posting my code for other to play with. i'll also point out it's a great beta program. the SSDS team is a good bunch and they are pretty active on the MSFT-hosted SSDS forum.


i cut back on rev-ing exyus to take time to use it and i started working with a new data storage system that uses REST as an interface. the next logical thing would be to combine the two, eh? it would be pretty simple. i just need to implement a single class within exyus that does the read/write work against SSDS. the main issue is that, right now, SSDS is quite constrained in it's feature set. it's an early beta. but i have it on my list of things to do.

finally, now that i've used exyus as a web library for a while, i can areas where it can be improved, expanded, and (most importantly) where code can be removed (remember: Code is our enemy). over the next month or so, i'll get back to updating the exyus source code. and when i do, it should be smaller, faster, and better able to handle typical workflow of a web application.