my dev setup on Ubuntu

2008-11-01 @ 23:02#

yeah, i finally went and did it. Ubuntu on my home workstation. actually, jesse did all the heavy lifting. he's been running it on his laptop for several months and i guess i was so worn out from my trip to PDC2008 that he eventually convinced me to take the plunge. and it's pretty awesome.

since i still do most all my development in the .NET space, i needed to make sure i had the right tools for the job.

first, i installed MonoDevelop and XSP2. that gave me a solid .NET and ASP.NET platform to work with. it's currently .NET 2.0. but most of my work is still in this space anyway. i also installed Komodo Edit. this is a solid IDE based on the Mozilla/Firefox codebase. great for handling Javascript, XHTML, CSS, etc.

but i really needed two other important tools; tools that were only compiled for Win32: WFetch and RegEx Buddy. jesse helped me install WINE and i was ready to go. RegEx Buddy installed and ran easily under WINE. WFetch - not so much. turns out i needed MFC42.DLL which does not come w/ WINE. i found a place to download the missing DLL and then WFetch popped right up ready for action. sweet!

i have lots to learn. several things are 'missing' from my personal toolkit, but i'll build them up over time. in the meantime, i still have my laptop running XP and a Windows 7 partition reserved on my desktop. should be an interesting couple weeks.