Ted Neward on REST!=HTTP

2008-11-07 @ 10:46#

i read this post today and had smile. it's Ted Neward summing up Roy Fielding's post that lambasted folks to trying to call their non-REST-ful APIs REST-ful.

this quote from Ted's post is my favorite:

But in case you'd missed it, let me summarize the past twenty or so paragraphs: hypermedia is a core requirement to being RESTful. If you ain't slinging all of your application state back and forth in hypertext, you ain't REST. Period. Fielding said it, he defined it, and that settles it.

yep. that's right. The phrase in Roy's dissertation on this topic is "hypermedia as the engine of application state." and it's *very* important. that's why my recent post (REST Upside Down) *starts* with hyperlinks as the first item of measure for an REST-ful implementation.