more work, less code, better apps

2008-11-14 @ 18:43#

after spending quite a bit of time poking around w/ cool new stuff, i'm now about to refocus on a personal project i started about a year ago - exyus. like much of my work, it's aimed at building REST-compliant web applications that scale well.

i've been using this codebase to build a handful of personal projects and test apps. all doing pretty well. however, as i get back into the framework code behind the system, i am struck by how many lines of code there are. esp. since i was quite proud several months ago that i cut out so much code! yeah, it's all relative. and i can see i have some more work to do.

lucky for me, i have a couple folks who will 'assist' me in my work: and . technically, they don't know me - i just have the latest edition of their book: Framework Design Guidelines. and it's a good book, too. so, while i pour over the text, i keep jumping back into my code the check, re-check and modify. hopefully, this will be done by the end of the year. if that happens, i suspect i'll have a pretty solid framework for building REST-like apps.

so i have more work to do. so i can end up w/ less code. and build better apps.