Paul James: RMR, not MVC

2008-12-06 @ 11:13#

a recent FriendFeed thread focused on the belief that MVC is the wrong pattern for Web-based applications. in a similar vein, peej has posted in excellent article on the a new way to model Web architecture: RMR - "Resource Method Representation."

I talk a lot to people about REST, but with the acronym having become a commonplace among Web folk, I often find myself having to explain that what they have read about as REST or think of as REST is actually POX, HTTP-RPC or whatever you want to call it. I'm also an advocate of the idea that REST isn't just about "Web services" but is also a good model for building fast sustainable Web applications. As such, in my quest to educate the ideas of REST, today I want to outline a different way to build Web apps, a RESTful way, an alternative to the popular MVC model, a model I call RMR, or Resource-Method-Representation.

it's encouraging to see this kind of talk. it shows that HTTP continues to gain 'mind share' as an application stack (not a protocol stack!) and that folks are recognizing that HTTP needs it's own, unique approach to modeling.