Steve Souders: Even Faster Web Sites

2008-12-07 @ 19:38#

there was a great thread on FriendFeed from Michael J. Cohen on performance issues for Web sites. in that thread, Michael posted a link to a talk from Steve Souders from 2008-05 called "Even Faster Web Sites." it's a killer talk!

in the talk, Steve reveals that he is working on a new book (a follow up to his High Performance Web Sites video) and outlines ten new 'rules' for faster sites.

  1. Split the initial payload
  2. Load scripts w/o blocking
  3. Don't scatter inline scripts
  4. Split dominant domains
  5. Make static content cookie-free
  6. Reduce cookie weight
  7. Minify CSS
  8. Optimize Images
  9. Use iframes sparingly
  10. To www or not to www

it's a great talk - thanks to mjc for the pointer!