Tomayko: The Thing about Git

2009-01-06 @ 21:29#

Ryan Tomayko posted a nice article focusing on the index and --patch features of the git source control tool.

here's a taste

Git has this alien thing between the working copy and the repository called The Index. I was entirely annoyed by the concept when starting out – you have no idea why you’re forced to deal with it and you’re always dealing with it. Even after reading multiple accounts of what The Index supposedly was, I continued to be baffled by it, wondering how it could possibly serve any useful purpose at all. That is, until the first time I ran into The Tangled Working Copy Problem.

i'm still a n00b when it comes to git, but i'm using it almost every day. and Ryan's walk-through example of how to 'untangle' inadvertant mixing of patches using git is pretty interesting. not sure i want to be in that stew, but nice to know i can 'git' out of it when i need to.