HTTP: why i love SDS

2009-02-01 @ 16:35#

while working on an HTTP example that uses SDS as the data store, i was reminded (again) why i really love using SDS: HTTP. see, if you know HTTP, you know how to add, edit, and delete items in SDS. cuz it's just that simple.

here's an example from my demo of deleting a record from SDS:

      HttpClient sdsClient = new HttpClient();
      sdsClient.RequestHeaders.Add("authorization", "Basic " 
        + h.Base64Encode(string.Format("{0}:{1}", config["user"], config["password"])));
      sdsClient.Execute(sdsUrl, "delete", Constants.sdsType);

nothing fancy, just build your URL, pass your credentials, and execute the delete.

and i can do this from any client, any platform that understands HTTP and Basic Authentication. i don't need a fancy code library. i don't need a specific platform. i just need HTTP.

yep, i love SDS.