WebId: REST-ful authentication

2009-03-03 @ 20:44#

this post is an excellent explanation of the very cool WebId (FOAF+SSL) identification model.

here's a teaser:

We have been using email URLs for a long time to identify ourselves on sites. So what does foaf+ssl add that we did not have before? Well it does the same thing in a RESTful manner. REST is the architectural style on which the most successful hypermedia system ever was built. It is designed to make hypermedia easily possible. The advantage of building in this style is that it is very easy to link information together. So just as the original Web made it very easy to link documents together, so by following this style into the hyperdata space, we make it easy to link things together. By making identity RESTful we have layed the basic building blocks to then build a web of trust.

i love where this is going!