HttpClient Library Updated

2009-03-26 @ 00:54#

i spent some time updating my HttpClient library this week. i updated the XSLT helper class and finally integrated my version of MimeParse.cs into the utility set. i also did a round of testing using Mono 2.0 on Unbuntu Linux and everything passed - except my use of the NetworkCredential class. bummer

but this is not the first time i had problems w/ the NetworkCredential class in .NET. first, i found that the results of NetworkCredential has funky bug that causes the authentication header to 'disappear' in some cases. i had this confirmed by some folks @ MSFT. second the Credentails property of the HttpWebRequest class required full trust. early Windows Azure hosting choked on that line. finally, my initial testing w/ Mono 2.0 on Linux resulted in an error when attempting to access that line of code.

so i did the only sensible thing. i commented it out.

seriously, i have the Hashing class so building authorization headers for Basic is easy. Digest would be a bit harder, but not any worse than the custom request-signing used by Amazon SimpleDB and Azure Storage.

lastly, i built a couple simple test apps (console and web) to exercise the library. all went well. i need to do a few more tests to confirm some minor items, but i should be able to post a major update to the library this week. once that's done, i can concentrate on updating my exyus web framework. with the changes i've made in the utilities, i;'m hoping to rip out another sizable chunk of code from the framework library.

cuz, the less code, the better.