SDS to Azure Utility (kinda)

2009-03-26 @ 21:08#

i've been playing around with this for the last several days and finally pasted the bits together to create a viable SDS-to-Azure conversion tool. and i had all the parts lying about already - didn't even have to compile anything!

here's the deal:

last year i posted a command-line utility that allows you to interact w/ the SDS store. it's cool. i use it to script uploads of large set of data, inspect things quickly, etc.

a few months ago, i posted a similar command-line tool for Azure Table Storage (ATS). again, pretty cool and makes for easy import/export of data.

so conversion is just...

  1. use SDS.EXE to pull data from the server and write the XML to disk
  2. write an XSLT stylesheet to produce a batch script that uses AZURE.EXE
  3. run the batch script!

not bad, eh?

i'll post my example this weekend. in the meantime, feel free to download the sample apps and cook up your own conversion routines.