Delivered 2013-03-16 @ CodePaLOUsa in Lousiville, KY

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REST : And Now for Something Completely Different

When it comes down to actually understanding REST, it can be tough. There are quite a few versions of what REST "is" out there; some confusing, some contradictory, some helpful.

This talk sets out to explain the ideas behind Fielding’s Representational State Transfer (REST) model; it’s benefits and challenges. The presentation shows no code, no web pages, no HTTP headers or URIs. Instead, the primary motivations of defining network architectures like REST are explored as well as the details of the REST style in particular. What are the unique architectural challenges of the Web? What key properties and features of a "purpose-designed" network model can overcome these challenges? How does one identify, implement, and verify these key properties? How does Fielding’s REST address these questions? How can one use the same approach to create new networking models that go beyond Fielding’s REST?

Using references to visual art, product design, and physical architecture, this talk is ideal as a high-level introduction to REST and distributed network programming in general, accessible to all levels of developer, architect, and web programmer, etc.

Speaker: Mike Amundsen

An internationally known author and lecturer, Mike Amundsen travels throughout the world consulting and speaking on a wide range of topics including distributed network architecture, Web application development, and other subjects.

In his role of Director of Architecture for the API Academy, Amundsen heads up the API Architecture and Design Practice in North America. He is responsible for working with companies to provide insight on how best to capitalize on the myriad opportunities APIs present to both consumers and the enterprise.

Amundsen has authored numerous books and papers on programming over the last 15 years. His last book was a collaboration with Leonard Richardson titled "RESTful Web APIs" published in 2013. His 2011 book, “Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node”, is an oft-cited reference on building adaptable Web applications.