my tapiline app won't die

2007-09-10 @ 21:38#

in 1996 (yep - over a decade ago) i wrote the book "MAPI, SAPI, TAPI Developer's Guide" for SAMS Publishing. in that book, i created an app called TAPILine that used a C++ DLL called from a VB4 app to place TAPI calls for the new Windows 95 OS[grin]. the book never sold all that well and the computing world has changed quite a bit over the last ten years.

all this is a lead-up to the admission that, despite my benign neglect (i've not hosted the book or related code for more than two years), i still get requests for the TAPILine app, the sample code, and the book in general. i vowed not to do this but... i've just re-posted the code, links to the book text, and a page to wrap it all up. it's now at

if you've been looking for it - there it is.